Welcome to the Acadium Scholar program! AcadiumScholar.org makes it possible for high school students to qualify for an academic distinction based on a single, nationwide standard for PSAT scores.

We think that this single, national standard is a fairer way of determining merit. We offer it as an alternative to the National Merit Scholarship (NMS) program, which uses a different qualifying PSAT score for each state.

You can use our certification widget to see whether your PSAT scores qualify you as an Acadium Scholar. When you certify as an Acadium Scholar, you’ll receive a certificate and the right to represent yourself as an Acadium Scholar on your college applications, and anywhere else you’d like.

The widget will also tell you in how many states your PSAT score would have qualified as a NMS Semifinalist under the NMS’s state by state cutoffs. You can certify as an Acadium Scholar if you qualified as an NMS Semifinalist in even one state!

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Acadium Scholar is not affiliated in any way with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation or the PSAT/NMSQT.

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