About India Unger-Harquail

Acadium Scholar is Ian and me working together to bring a little more equity and fairness to the ways that “merit” is awarded to high school students.

I got interested in this idea after a dinner table conversation on a family visit. Even though I was several years away from thinking about college applications myself, I was pretty surprised to learn that the National Merit Scholarship has a built-in geographical bias. It didn’t seem fair, especially to me, since I live in a state where many students are affected by this bias (learn more here).  I decided to explore the idea a bit more with Ian.

Now, we’re working to create a non-biased option and give students across the US a chance to get a merit designation that is truly “national.”

Most of the time, though, I’m a high school senior (class of 2016), a member of my school’s student council, an avid horseback rider, and an aficionado of pretty much anything science.  I take breaks from AS and AP Computer Science by abusing my family’s Netflix subscription, and avoiding all of my mom’s entreaties to clean my room and put away my laundry.

Please email me at indiauh.acadium@gmail.com if you have ideas, questions, or suggestions for the AS site or our program!


Acadium Scholar is not affiliated in any way with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation or the PSAT/NMSQT.

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